Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inconvenient Facts

Al Qaeda, “the database”, was the name of the file containing a list of the Mujahedeen leaders in Afghanistan CIA was funding against the Russians.

Osama Bin Laden was one of the leaders CIA trained, funded, and armed.

Saddam Hussein was installed in a coup as Iraq’s leader by CIA.

No high-rise has, before or since 9/11, collapsed due to anything other than controlled demolition.

WTC 7, the Soloman Brothers Building, collapsed hours after the twin towers in a manner consistent with controlled demolition despite having been hit by no airplane and despite most of the fires in that building having been put out.

Despite dozens of cameras, no shot of a plane hitting the Pentagon has been released.

No airliner debris was found at the Pentagon. Debris and damage found did not match what an airliner, a Boeing 767, would produce.

Firefighters reported many explosions before and during the collapse of both towers.

All three buildings fell at free-fall speeds, approximately within 10 seconds, which contradicts pancake effect theory.

None of the core beams were left standing; all failed, from the bottom, at the same time, and turned to dust.

Pools of molten metal were found under the collapsed buildings. Intense heat of 2800° F. was measured. These lingered for weeks and maintained heat levels far in excess of what would be expected.

Samples of beams after the collapse tested out at higher than certified failure temperatures for over two hours, which was longer than the towers stood after the planes hit.

Most of the steel was sold overseas under military guard, illegally. No arrests have ever even been suggested.

Thermate produces sulfur and manganese residue, which was found on steel samples from the collapses.

Masonry damaged Bldg. 7, having been expelled with enough force to hurl it that distance and punch it through a building’s exterior.

Video of the collapses show huge chunks hurled outward in arcs, as if explosions were involved. Squib explosions venting smoke and dust are visible racing ahead of the collapse on the videos.

Steel skyscrapers have burned for days and none has ever collapsed.

Three high-rises, two of them among the highest ever built, came down in their own footprint at free-fall speed, despite supposedly being hit by different circumstances, (either one of two planes, or debris from planes and falling buildings).

Investors made millions selling off shares of the WTC in the days before 9/11 and a high percentage of people failed to show up at work that day.

BBC reported the collapse of Bldg. 7 twenty minutes before it actually went down. They also reported on the causes before it happened.

The Soloman Brothers building, Building 7, contained all the files relating to several major scandals then concerning the Bush administration, including the ENRON and other notorious ones, all of which went away after the collapse.

George Bush’s cousin was in charge of WTC security until 9/11.

The 9/11 Commission does not mention the collapse of Bldg. 7.

Dick Cheney took personal control of several military exercises from his command bunker and repeatedly waived off suggestions of scrambling jets to intercept the stray airliners. He did not order jets up until the Pentagon was hit.

The Pentagon was hit in the one section under construction, where only certain officers who were out-of-favor with the administration were working.

No air crash investigation was done for any of these alleged air crashes.

No human remains or body parts of any kind were found at the site of Flight 93’s alleged crash site. So little wreckage was found it cannot demonstrate that an airliner went down there. The crater supposedly made by a 767 moving over 500 miles per hour was ten feet deep, ten wide, and twenty feet long, and looked as if it were a hole made by a back hoe or bulldozer. No large field of debris were found, despite every other major air crash producing large fields of debris.

On 9/11, physics was suspended, if one believes the Official Version. Planes vaporized, buildings went straight down, and people vanished as never before.

Prior to 9/11, George W. Bush was already a lame duck, unable to walk openly to the White House on his inauguration day due to jeering, angry crowds and openly mocked as weak, bumbling impostor who had stolen the election and was not the legitimate President.

The only accounts worse than the Official Version are the attempts to debunk the basis for questions asked by the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Ten of the named hijackers were found alive within a week by BBC reporters, yet their names are still used in official reports and discussions.

Investigations and information on the attack were ignored repeatedly by those at the top. Incompetence or complicity, these people were never held responsible. Scapegoats such as George Tenet were fired, but no one was ever persecuted.

These and so many other facts are inconvenient to the powers that be, and the many actions they’ve taken since, using 9/11 as an excuse, so don’t expect them to be addressed any time soon.

If ever, willingly.

We’ll have to remember all this, and tell our children, and let them tell their children, until someone down the line can gain access to what ever evidence may be left, and only then might we have some chance of pinning this crime to the criminals who perpetrated it.

Suffice it to say that it was obviously an Inside Job, whether it was a crime of commission or of omission. It may have been a little of both.

Cui bono - who benefits?

Not we the people.

Never we the people.

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