Sunday, June 8, 2008

Veggie Burgers, Anyone?

I write vegetarian in a carnivorous world.

Editors want meat and they’re suspicious of anything else.

They might like what I write but are not prone to try it.

Getting them to try it is difficult. Some refuse outright.

Even if they like it they wonder if there is enough protein to sustain them and reject it anyway. Good, but no, they tell me.

I won’t be on their menu. I’m not on their shopping list. I am barey on their radar.

Some simply don’t understand what I write. Where’s the meat? they demand. Its lack baffles them.

Others are angered as if I’m trying to fool or poison them.

None of this is a choice. I write what I am and tell what truths I can see.

My veggie burgers aren’t going over well and won’t until there are more like me. Or until I can better find them.

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