Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bowl Full

The only way it matters is intensely
Your weakness is a power over you
Mine eyes have seen the glory hole Calcutta
We blew our load on faces turning blue

Grapple snakes and slither chains
A strangulation cure
Sweet asphyxiation
Keeps the constitution pure

Deploy the guns of shit and shoot
Decry a hundred lawyers lying
Impeach whoever gave the go
Condemn in heaven’s name our buying

The only hay it gathers is without us
Our strongmen are so vulnerable now
Their minds exploded inward at conception
They sucked us dry, we took their final bow

Knife her honey
Knife her whole
Knife her sticky
Fill her bowl

Knife her money
Knife her dole
Knife her tricky
Fill her bowl

Raffle bakes and blistered brains
Exsanguination, sure
Sour postulation
Stops the institution’s lure

The holy day, it shatters with our laughter
The powers gather arguments at dawn
The words employed to seal the deal’s disaster
Are scattered dead and bloody on your lawn

Knife her funny
Knife her roll
Knife her, Dicky
Fill her bowl
Knife and fill her bowl

--Monkey Dogs, "Bowl Full" from TWICE BITTEN

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