Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Never Again?

I agree wholeheartedly that the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews and others must never be forgotten.  

I also abhor that W repeated it to the utmost of neo con scum ability, and that neither the entire Afghanistan/Iraq debacle nor the so-called War On Terror and its Rendition Gulag have been documented.  It is a calculated lack of documentation so the war crimes will never be known.  It was a way of covering up and not reporting actions that no decent human being could possibly have condoned if confronted directly with the evidence.

Did you know the deniers claim Eisenhower's publicity campaign to spread the word about the Holocaust, and what was found in the concentration camps, was nothing but a propaganda blitz?  Oh yes, they claim this Big Lie. Karl Rove is just another Goebbels  trained at the knee of Newt Gingrich's ideological Go Pac crusaders and there is a long line of such androids waiting to take Lee Atwater's diseased mantle.

Meanwhile, hired guns in the form of mercenaries, who are not answerable to the Geneva Code and other Rules of Engagement, who can ignore the Military Code of Uniform Justice, and who can and do outright crimes on behalf of their secrecy-obsessed masters in undisclosed locations, outnumber the US military.  These mercs are paid extravagantly well and outfitted with all the cutting-edge weapons and state-of-the-art equipment they can use, and then some.

Our military is left underpaid, underfunded, and under manned, while being over-tasked and overburdened to crush-weight.   They are also kept hidden from the American people, with only tame, ideologically approved reporters embedded with field units, and all reports filtered through a Ministry of Lies so dense no truth could ever get through it.  The sacrifice and suffering of these troops, and all the horrors they're forced to perform, are kept hidden by the criminals in charge and by the complicit media.

That the US military allowed itself to be abused like this by such scum is unutterable and should enrage every service member.  Instead, service members fall for jingoism and idealoguery.  They bow to indoctrination and mouth right wing echo chamber hate speech and Double Speak.  Infiltrated true believers in fundamentalist fleece, and implanted ideologues keeping the faith like Fifth Columnists back in WW II, make sure the military is now a "Christian Force" and that dissent of any kind is punished harshly even unto fragging and deaths.  Gestapo tactics are employed to keep people in line and the wounded and shell shocked are thrown away and ignored.

And no one knows much about any of this because it's kept from being seen, reported, or discussed.  Remember the pictures of the flag-draped coffins?  Remember Viet Nam on our TV sets?  

No reminders of war's horror and crimes now.  And to speak of it is to be labeled "disloyal to Der Fatherland..."

They use Homeland Security -- which is what KGB meant -- openly for their control group of scare mongers and hate spewers.  They demand conformity and punish nonconformists brutally.

What can be done?  Voting for Obama was a good first move, presuming we haven't yet again been duped and manipulated by false promises and stalking horse candidates.

Holding him to our demands is a good second step.  Keep up the pressure to reverse the appalling precedents set by Dicks Like Cheney.

Documentation of every crime and atrocity must be obtained, disseminated, and preserved ASAP; in many cases, it's too late.  Fallujah, for example:  Anyone really know what happened there, other than a massacre that was part of the  near-genocide of "enemy combatants"?

Impeachment, arrest, and trial at the Hague's World Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity should await every high-ranking member of the Bush administration and many lower-ranking members.  Nuremberg was but a light scratch of a start toward rooting out these infections.

Yes, it seems impossible that for the past decade or so we've allowed this country to be run into the ground by fascist sociopaths, and it's time to stop tolerating and even rewarding them.

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