Friday, August 6, 2010

America's Story, A Tragic Debacle

America was not always an anti-intellectual torture-addicted war-mongering bully. Scholar-athlete used to be the American ideal, even into the 1950s. A can-do attitude and astronaut-level boldness combined with innovation, productivity, and a manufacturing base the envy of the world.

Then came the core right wingers who have skewed our society toward anti-intellectualism and all the other low-end qualities that have been nascent in America all along, but kept in check by accomplishment, achievement, and progress. With roots in the Aristos of yore, and the Whigs, terrified of the masses and effete in their certainty of entitlement, these money minions in the 1930s founded the Federal Reserve System and fought FDR, who they called a traitor to their class.

These envious, fearful little losers plotted ways to steal all the wealth and power for themselves, and shape USA into Morloch land, with themselves as Eloi. (See both H. G. Wells in The Time Machine and modern Mexico for examples.) In short, the in-bred, (and in-bread; ever seen one go hungry?), elitists and their wanna-be lackeys formed a cabal. (cool narrative touch, eh?) And it gradually took control of ever-larger and more important aspects of our society and culture, until in the late Sixties they were powerful enough to crush the Flower Power movement that might have curbed the War Pigs and Profiteers.

And from Nixon's basement they, the C-student flunkies and resentful little mama's boys and hateful repressed gays and open sadists and other Dicks Like Cheney, slithered, sociopathically to subvert, undermine, and detroy anything benefitting We the People, in order to steal the greater good for their Top Percent Rich corporate masters.

Here we stand, then, oppressed by rednecks, rubes, and teabaggers, hammered by hatred from the fearful bigots and the deep-rooted old white racists, and harangued by religious fanatics to whom extremism is but prelude for their Taliban-modeled Amerika. The 19% who should be inmates are running the asylum, and the rest of us gape and drool and do nothing as the place burns down around us.

How will the story end? Up to you, this is a do-it-yourself narrative.

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