Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movies, Images, Words, Files, Journals, Speech, Poems

Movies are easier than books. Images are evocative in montage because viewers tend to make stories of them. Movies are interactive.

Words are speech and render the listener more passive, less apt to do the work of making a story of them.

Files and journals are palimpsests to be excavated like archaeological sites and sifted for their treasures.

Poems are flowering vines of thought.

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Terry said...

I disagree with your statement that words make people less apt to work out their own scenarios (or however you put it). A *good* reader, by which I mean, someone who knows what their part is as a reader, brings all of their own imagination and experience to the page and it enhances the story. In times past, people enjoyed books and stories for just that reason. Many people today are lazy fools.

Words don't MAKE people lazy; they come to the story lazy and can't be bothered to exercise their imaginations.

So there.