Monday, March 16, 2009

What We're Past

W's endless incompetence and criminality, not to mention W's war on ecology, is all so passé as to be absurd and laughable, except to neo con scum, who are mentally ill, as has been demonstrated conclusively by W's reign of terror.

We're past corporate consumerism.

We're past an Electoral College, and Senators should go back to representing their states.

Congress and the President & Vice President should be directly elected by the people now in a true democracy.

And no-confidence recalls and other Parlimentiary procedures should be instituted.

At least temporary socialization of banking and Wall Street will be necessary for us to regain footing, and obviously tight regulations and controls, with sharp-eyed watch-dogs and full disclosure and transparency of both business and government must be maintained.

The Bush era political prisoners should be released from Gitmo and other gulag prisons and handed over to the World Court in the Hague for independent trials and assessments, since USA has tortured and falsely imprisoned so many of them that no fair trial is possible by USA alone.

The Bush era criminals should be rounded up and first tried stateside, then in the World Court, for treason, war crimes, and high crimes while in office, malfeasance, etc.

We're past a media that propagandizes on behalf of the top 1% of wealth holders.

We're past the attack on the middle class and the class warfare being perpetrated against the people by Beltway insiders, Wall Street, and Big Media.

We're past undeclared, unwarranted, illegal, and unwinnable wars perpetrated solely to keep Cold War era spending levels -- and profiteering -- going.

We're past being 15th overall in healthcare among developed countries and we're well past not having universal free healthcare.

We're past politics sucking right wing fundamentalism's cock and making a war on science on behalf of the mentally ill and the unconscionably cynical who exploit them.

I could go on and on.

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